Bike2go Dumfries



Welcome to Bike2Go.

This is Dumfries's own on street automated cycle hire system, operated and managed by Hourbike as part of the Hourbike network.

New for 2012 - there are now 3 additional stations coming online at Carden Towers, King George Vth Playing fields, and by the Rhino in Lincluden.


For detailed information on how the scheme works, please see the Info section. An interactive map of the bike hire locations can be seen in the Map section.

A full explanation of the Tariff, and membership options is described in the Prices section. Please note we have a new tariff for members with a maximum daily charge of just £2 !

Commonly asked questions are answered in the FAQ section.

You can sign up for the scheme as a member using the form in the Register section

And the lengthy but unfortunately necessary terms and conditions are listed in the Terms section.

If you have any further questions we can be contacted on:

Tel: 01387 280 042

We hope you have a fun and safe time cycling in Dumfries.

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